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Milestones June 15, 2009

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Ever since I started my new job I haven’t had much time to catch up on my personal stuff like blogging, among other things. I’ve missed noting down important milestones when Sebastian first turned over all by himself, when he started sitting up & falling sideways, when he got into the walker and started walking all over the house, when his first tooth erupted… the good news is… all that happened in the past 2 months. Not too late, I suppose.

Sebastian loves to ‘sing’ too. When he’s in the mood, he’d go “aaaaaaaaahhh!!” and he does it oh so cutely.

At present two teeth has erupted on his lower jaw. I guess more are on the way and his gum must be itching and sore, and not forgetting all the drooling! Sometimes he lunges at and bites my chin, quite like how a great white shark feasts on its meal.

Isabelle, on the other hand, simply amazes us every day. In the past half-year since she started attending nursery, she’s come home with new words, new songs, new meanings to everyday living. She’s still crazy about Disney Princesses, and she’s now added Barbie into her list. Barbie Mariposa, Barbie & The Diamond Castle, Barbie Island Princess… and soon Barbie Thumbelina.

Just last week we brought the kids to The Curve and they had the Barbie promo in the centre court. Daddy bought the minimum required amount of clothes for her so that she could take a complimentary photo with makeover wearing any of the Barbie costumes. Our vainpot couldn’t pass the opportunity to dress like a princess! 🙂

I need to buy new clothes for both my kids. Isabelle’s outgrowing most of her clothes and Sebastian will have to wear his sister’s pink dresses if mommy doesn’t get going soon! Mega Sales and warehouse sales, here I come!


Postnatal hairloss February 17, 2009

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Just before Chinese New Year I noticed lots of hair strands at the drainer after showers. Then more and more hair strands appeared on the floor everywhere.

So last week I decided to visit my hairdresser and she confirmed my worst fear – I’m going bald!! The good news, said the neighbourhood pharmacist, is that my crowning glory will grow back to normal within 6 months after delivery. If it doesn’t I suppose  it’s time to visit the doctor – obgyn/dermatologist/physician, whichever.

Anyway my hairdresser suggested I ditch the idea of growing my hair long (since there’s not much of it to show off now) and sport the pixie look. The haircut was a great idea coz she managed to style what’s left on my head and hide the balding area.

Sigh…! The agony mommies go through before and after having the little one.

Feeding Woes February 16, 2009

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What would you do when your toddler obediently downs solid food served at school for breakfast, lunch and tea – but refuses to eat when served similar food for dinner at home?

What would you do when your 4-month-old baby prefers sucking your nipples for breastmilk and refuses to drink from latex/silicone teats for formula milk?

Both my kids are driving me and daddy nuts! The stress of feeding is getting to me. C’mon! How tough is it to open your mouths and eat/drink to your contentment? Think of all those children who don’t get enough to eat.

Calling all parents, guardians & anyone with tips and tricks… please help me!

Happy “Niu” Year 2009! February 4, 2009

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Here’s wishing all of you Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the new year of the Ox provide you with the strength to BULLdoze through all challenges that stands in your way and reward you with cashCOWs. 🙂

Corny? I know. :-p

2009 started with many firsts in this family:

  • Isabelle started attending nursery with daycare
  • Sebastian has gone to Isabelle’s babysitter to be babysat Mon-Fri
  • Mommy decided to jump from one ship to another
  • Daddy’s final exam is drawing near, he’s  started burning early-morning oil!

I can’t believe I’m starting work tomorrow. I’ve been on leave since delivering Sebastian last October (almost 15 weeks of not working, 10 of which I spent as a full-time mom). I decided I’m not cut out to be a stay-at-home mom yet, not when my kids are so dependent and demanding. I’ll think about it when they’re much older.

Isabelle loves her “school”. Despite having to drag her out of bed every morning, she gets excited about going to school, meeting her new friends and teachers… once she’s fully alert, that is. The school provides daycare in the afternoon after the morning classes. They feed her solid food, the menu is repeated once every 2 weeks to avoid boredom. So far so good. Her teachers tell me she finishes her meals every day. She may be last but slow and steady wins the race. I’m quite impressed actually coz Isabelle refuses rice, chicken, vege etc at home. She only eats porridge, koay teow, noodles or bee hoon only. I hope she starts eating solids at home soon.

As for Sebastian, he’s growing and developing faster than what I remember of Isabelle. Yesterday daddy and I took him for his 3rd month vaccination at the paediatric clinic. Alas daddy decided not to go through what we went through with jabbing Isabelle himself. At 14 weeks & 4 days, Sebastian currently weighs 6.05 kg and stands at 61.2 cm. What a significant difference!


Isabelle loves Sebastian November 3, 2008

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Two Fridays ago, our newborn son – Sebastian – decided to come out to the world earlier than expected. I had none of the drama of waterbag bursting and needing to rush to the hospital. Instead, it was the same regular irregular Braxton-Hicks contractions coupled with a 3-cm cervical dilation that led my ob-gyn’s decision to induce birth (again!).

Right after delivering, daddy suddenly had a revelation we’re no longer responsible for 1 child, but 2 children! For the past weeks I’ve come to terms to the fact that Isabelle will no longer be my only child. And I’m determined to give all my love (and my best) equally to both my babies.


Mommy, daddy & princess celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival at home

Both daddy and I were well prepared this time around – diaper changing, all-night “midnight” feeds, etc. Isabelle welcomed her baby brother with open arms. In fact, she loves him so much she can’t take her hands off him. She wants to carry and cuddle him all the time. 🙂


Sebastian’s first morning at home


Daddy, che che & baby

The confinement lady I hired hadn’t expect Sebastian’s early birth, and was away in Singapore over the Deepavali weekend. We picked Auntie Ah Lin from her home in Cheras on Tuesday after taking Sebastian to the paediatrician. As daddy expected, baby developed jaundice like Isabelle and had to be admitted for phototherapy. This time I didn’t insist on getting myself admitted with baby coz I have Avent Isis breast pump to help continue breastmilk flow without baby suckling ar regular intervals. And we’re happy with Sunmed’s nursery since they allowed parents to come & go any time.

Luckily Sebastian could be discharged the next day. And since getting home, Auntie Ah Lin has been busy cooking for mommy, cleaning & feeding baby, and she helps with house chores when she has completed her tasks. It’s been a week since her arrival and we’re happy we have her to help around.


Portrait of a baby

Well, as daddy puts it, we’re “veterans” now. And I agree with him. Only 3 more weeks to go and I can start pigging out on Wong Poh’s signature butter crab! 😀

Cinderella and her Prince October 11, 2008

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Looking back over the past years since birth, my daughter has her ‘seasonal’ fancies as she grows and develop.

1st year: Snoopy [influenced by yeh yeh’s Snoopy collection of stickers and little trinckets in the old house]

2nd year: Bananas in Pyjamas – there’s no way any of us would get to watch any tv any time of the day when she’s home. Sadly B1 & B2 had to make way for Barney, Baby Bop and BJ later that year.

3rd year: She started out going ga-ga over anything Barney & Baby Bop. There’s the Barney bolster, Baby Bop back pack, Baby Bop soft toy, Barney & friends utensils etc. Not forgetting non-stop Barney VCD/DVD being played day in day out.

Then suddenly, after watching “Cinderella III: A Twist in Time” on Astro Disney Channel 615 one fateful night a few months ago, Isabelle turned obsessed with anything and everything to do with ‘Cinderella’.

First we got her ‘Cinderella’ pyjamas, then Daddy downloaded ‘Cinderella’ the original cartoon for her viewing pleasure, followed by yeh yeh’s generous shopping of ‘Cinderella’ + ‘Sleeping Beauty’ + ‘Snow White’ dolls ala Barbie dolls, more ‘Cinderella’ & ‘princesses’ books, clothing and other merchandise.

Before we know it, it’s now ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Princess Aurora and Prince Philip. Isabelle’s watched the original cartoon twice so far and she asks me to read the story every alternate night. I think the story’s embedded in her subconscious mind – she tells me how Princess Aurora pricks her finger, then the ‘naughty witch’ catches Prince Philip – tie the mouth, tie the hands – and how Prince Philip escaped by riding Samson, then fought the ‘naughty witch’ and then kiss Sleeping Beauty, and they lived happily ever after. Isabelle’s even named her soon-to-be-born brother ‘Prince Philip’!

I wish I have an ever-ready camera by my side to capture her facial expression whenever I mention ‘happily ever after’. She’s got that dreamy look, smiling away as though she’s the princess in the story being read/watched. 🙂

Isabelle is 3 July 13, 2008

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Apart from being really busy at work for the past few months (blame crazy deadlines & manpower shortage), I experienced all-day all-night “morning” sickness from end-Mar to early-Jun. This time around it’s worse than the one I had when I carried Isabelle back in 2004. To make matter even worse there were a few horrible weeks during this period when I couldn’t function at work or at home. 

Stress at work + hormonal imbalances + 24-hour morning sickness = emotional roller coaster

 When Isabelle turned 3 in April 2008

 She can sing “Happy Birthday” perfectly now

But I’m glad it’s all behind me now. Work’s work, it’s never done. My team and I have done our best to deliver on time. 

As for Isabelle, she’s looking forward to the arrival of her brother this November. She cuddles mommy’s tummy every morning and every night, gently kissing and greeting baby, telling him to “be a good boy”.

Last week daddy and I asked her “What is brother’s name?”

Isabelle: “Brother’s name is Baby!”

Daddy & mommy: Then what is baby’s (your) name?

Isabelle: I’m not baby. I’m big girl already. I’m jie jie.


We haven’t decided on a name yet. We’ve talked about naming him “Isaac”, but I’m keeping my options open. Any suggestions? Any boy names starting with “I”?

Joke of the Day June 10, 2008

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Post-It note on the office fridge door:

“To whoever took the milk in the small plastic container yesterday, just be aware that the milk was expressly for my baby, if you get my drift. I will label these things from now on, but if your coffee tasted just a little bit unusual this morning, you might think about calling your mom and telling her you love her.”

We have 2 lines :-D March 13, 2008

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Since my last post, Isabelle’s vocabulary has expanded tremendously. She understands many things now and can hold proper conversations – even bargaining for more tv time, or selecting her choice of tv shows (“I want to watch cartoon, pleeeeeeaaaasssseeee“).

She’s also mommy’s little helper, often offering her assistance by saying “I help you, mommy“.

Other examples:

Q: How are you today?

Isabelle: I’m fine, thank you.

Q: Thank you, baby [for getting us something].

Isabelle: You’re welcome.

If she needs us to repeat what we said earlier, she’d say: I beg your pardon?

I got her to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Barney’s theme song, and One Two Buckle My Shoe a few weeks ago when she was in a good mood, and recorded them into my mobile phone. This way I won’t miss her too much when traveling away from home. 🙂

 Taken during CNY 2008

Before I wrap up this post, we’re happy to announce we’re expecting baby no 2 later this year. 😀

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2008! December 26, 2007

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Here’s wishing all of you a blessed Christmas & a great start to the new year. It’s time to reflect back on the past year and plan for the coming one.

To all mommies & daddies – cheers!   

To all in “planning” stages – add oil! add oil! ;-p

Below are some photos taken a couple of weeks ago during our family trip to Langkawi (we were inspired by Zara’s mama’s recent family trip there). It was both daddy’s & baby’s first visit to the island. I redeemed my Enrich points for a free 3D/2N stay at Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort.


In the chalet


At Tanjung Rhu – baby’s first trip to the beach!


Petting zoo


At the foot of Seven wells jungle trek trail


Cable car ride